Life Coach vs. Therapist: What’s the Difference?

Since both therapists and life coaches are committed to helping clients reach their full potential, you might be unsure which professional it makes the most sense for you to see. Each offers a specific benefit, whether you're considering a wellness program to get through a challenging time, make a change in your life, or improve your overall outlook. Here are a few key differences between a therapist and a life coach.
License and Certification  While both life coaches and therapists have specialized training, only therapists are required to carry specific certification through the state where they practice. In Pennsylvania, therapists must have a master's degree and become certified as a licensed professional counselor (LPC) by the State Board of Social Workers, Marriage & Family Therapists, and Professional Counselors. Although many life coaches do pursue professional certification through accredited organizations such as the International Coaching Federation, this is not…

We Are What We Eat: Understanding Leaky Gut Syndrome

I’ve been studying for my boards the last few weeks. No, I’m not still in med school. Retaking board exams—as well as completing educational credits in the interim—is something every doctor has to do every 10 years to maintain his or her certification. The idea is that we never stop learning—which is so important when you’re in a field where so much changes, so quickly.
One topic that’s not taught in med school (but will be soon, as traditional medicine is finally catching on) is something called “Leaky Gut.” It’s a non-traditional medical approach taught in anti-aging medical programs and it’s a condition I see a lot in my practice at Refresh Wellness. I’d like to spend a little time today talking about this very real, very common disorder.

Q: What exactly is leaky gut? A: Leaky gut is another poor choice of medical terminology. It is the mechanism by which the body’s stomach lining, which is one-cell thick and extends from anus to brain, becomes disrupted and irritated by food, exposur…

Metabolism Speed: What Does It Mean for Weight Loss?

We've all heard the phrase "fast metabolism" to describe someone who can quickly lose weight or keep it off. But what does it actually mean to have a fast or slow metabolism? Here's how this body process affects weight loss and other aspects of health.
What Is Metabolism? Metabolism is the process by which your body converts the food you eat into energy not only for exercise and movement, but also for breathing, blood circulation, hormone release, cell growth and repair, and other functions that happen at rest. People with a "fast" metabolism have a higher basal metabolic rate: the number of calories used to perform these functions. Simply put, the higher the metabolism, the more calories burned at rest.
What Affects Basal Metabolic Rate? Metabolism is affected by a complex combination of factors, including body size and weight, percentages of muscle and fat, age, and gender. Because men tend to have more muscle than women, they also tend to have higher …

Hate Your Double Chin? Get a FREE KYBELLA Treatment!

Sometimes it’s the little things. Like taking an absolutely amazing selfie.

(That’s happened like twice in my life.) Apparently twice is the average though, because most clients that walk through my door claim they rarely get a perfect selfie…and a lot of them (men and women alike) say their “double chin” is to blame.
Believe it or not, “double chin” is a real-life medical condition and it’s called submental fullness. Maybe it’s something you’ve had your whole life. Maybe it’s something you’ve developed over the years. It could be the result of weight gain—but it just won’t go away with diet or exercise. Anyway, it’s a “thing.” The good news is that it can be fixed. Without surgery. And I do that at Refresh Wellness.

Treatment happens with a first-of-its kind injectable called KYBELLA® and it’s FDA approved, it’s been used in over 1,600 people in 20 clinical studies, and I recommend it to my patients because it works. Essentially, KYBELLA destroys fat cells under the chin with synthe…

Tired? Irritable? Overweight? It's Probably Your Hormones

Not 10 minutes ago, I implanted a pellet into my backside. 
Why? Because two years ago, this 39-year-old started having symptoms of a hormonal imbalance: I was sleeping poorly, tired, had brain fog big time, couldn't lose weight, and experienced poor exercise recovery. Plus, I developed a ton of new food allergies after pregnancy. (Yes, all of those symptoms can be related to a hormonal imbalance! And yes, hormone decline starts in your 20s and 30s.) 
Enough was enough. So, I decided to be a guinea pig for my patients, testing out bio-identical hormone replacement (bioTE):plant-derived, all natural estrogen and testosterone, delivered by tiny pellets inserted just under the skin.
Within a few weeks, my symptoms improved drastically and I started recommending BioTE to many of my clients at Refresh Wellness, who also saw success. So is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy right for you? Here's what I tell new patients in my office when we discuss bioTE:
What is bio-identical …

Great Lifestyle Tips for Summer Weight Loss

The best weight loss programs offer a balanced approach that includes healthy eating, regular exercise, and small lifestyle changes. Try these tips to get in shape for summer. A good life coach with a health and wellness background can offer additional pointers.
Chew Food Thoroughly Adopting this one simple habit can make a huge difference in two major ways. First, taking the time to chew food slowly and thoroughly leads to feeling full faster, which in turn leads to consuming less. Second, digestion is improved, with nutrients being absorbed more effectively. Take the time to enjoy eating. Eat Quality Fats Bodies require proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Instead of eliminating all fat from one's diet, it's much healthier to select quality fats. These include avocados, nuts, and ground flaxseed. These foods are recommended in many weight loss programs, and they promote heart health, too. Drink Plenty of Water To burn calories efficiently, a person's metabolism needs …

How It Works: Laser Hair Removal

How It Works: Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is one of the most popular procedures I perform at Refresh Wellness. Because it’s also a cosmetic treatment on which I’m asked a lot of questions, I wanted to dedicate this blog to the ins-and-outs of laser hair removal. I’ll just start by saying that I love this procedure and have treated myself. Now, onto your questions!
How do you remove the hair? The hair is removed using the newest laser technology. I use an Alma Soprano laser that slides over the skin with the help of a warm gel. No more zapping or painful laser hair removal! The Alma Soprano gently heats the melanin pigment in the hair follicle so that it shuts down growth in about 10 days. Unlike older lasers where hair had to be grown above the skin for treatment and only worked on light skin tones, the Alma Soprano works when you’re clean shaven and on all skin types.
So the hair is gone in 10 days. Is that it? No, it takes approximately six sessions that are six weeks apar…