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Life Coach vs. Therapist: What’s the Difference?

Since both therapists and life coaches are committed to helping clients reach their full potential, you might be unsure which professional it makes the most sense for you to see. Each offers a specific benefit, whether you're considering a wellness program to get through a challenging time, make a change in your life, or improve your overall outlook. Here are a few key differences between a therapist and a life coach.
License and Certification  While both life coaches and therapists have specialized training, only therapists are required to carry specific certification through the state where they practice. In Pennsylvania, therapists must have a master's degree and become certified as a licensed professional counselor (LPC) by the State Board of Social Workers, Marriage & Family Therapists, and Professional Counselors. Although many life coaches do pursue professional certification through accredited organizations such as the International Coaching Federation, this is not…